Why you should start cycling now ?

Cycling is the easiest way for general improvement of health, it can be done by any age group because it’s a low impact exercise. Other equally important benefit of cycling is it’s good for environment, so if your work place is nearby start riding on your bike from tomorrow.  Let’s look at the benefits of cycling in brief.

Weight Control

Cycling is best exercise to burn excessive fat from the body. If you set a good diet plan with cycling then it’s best for weight management. If you maintain healthy weight in body you can lower the risk of many disease.

Reduce Stress

Cycling is great exercise that can effectively reduce stress and boost your mood. Regular cycling can greatly improve your mental conditions. This is all because of the happy hormones your body release while cycling.

Bone Strengthening

Healthy stress you give to your bone while cycling helps strengthening of bones. It doesn’t particularly help with bone thinning disease. But riding a bike is overall great exercise for bones.

Strong Leg Muscles

When you do activities like walk, run, stand all your body weight is carried by legs. so it’s important to have stronger leg muscles. Keeping your legs toned give your great looks.

Healthier Heart

Cycling make your heart pump more blood through the body. Improvement in blood circulation help you in prevent stroke. High BP, and heart attacks. unhealthy heart can sometimes cause a serious illness. Few hours of cycling per week can keep your heart healthy.


Cycling in the morning will make your whole day very energetic you will absolutely feel it. There are many types of bikes out there in the market choosing the one that suits you it’s important. So i would suggest a mid range entry level road bike with good quality. choosing a bike isn’t very difficult if you have studied your own requirements very carefully. while choosing the bike, bike fit and bike size are the two most important factors. If it’s too small or too large, it won’t give desired result of riding experience.